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Our products

Why us?

We provide 100% customer-oriented service with our turnkey projects without compromising on quality, compatible with technological developments.

Innovative Designs

We follow cereal production technologies, examine all technological developments and develop innovative concept.


We offer KEY DELIVERY projects in accordance with the needs of our customers.


It was a necessity to ensure safety, speed, standards and efficiency only in this period of production. Based on this, we make all our products compatible with current Automation and PLC systems.

Customer Support

We provide 7×24 support to our customers in all areas such as technical, warranty, project and spare parts support.


We produce quality products that fully meet the demands and expectations of our customers.

Customer happiness

We provide 100% customer satisfaction oriented service in all our projects.

We are everywhere.

We build facilities in many countries of the world. We add strength to the power of the leading companies of the sector with our different products.





our products

to ensure that our success is sustainable, to move to higher levels and to develop brand awareness …

Spare part

Analysis & Solution

World Brand Solution Partners

We use the best known products of the grain industry such as FESTO, SKF, FAG, SEFAR, SAATI, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, MÖLLER in our products


The ability to make the best and the right planning decisions quickly is of utmost importance in order to keep the corporate performance at the highest level.

Full Performance

Millods products work at full capacity for a long time without loss of performance thanks to their special designs.

Machine & Production

Mill Factories  Our Bussiness

Pre-Sales Questions?

Do you have a question? Leave us a comment about your questions and we will let you know as soon as possible.


Share your suggestions with us and contribute to our development.

Need support?

Is there a problem ? We are ready to provide support for our 7 x 24 products. Send us a message, we will fix it as soon as possible.

Make the Right Choice and Call Us

Are you planning to build a mill factory or does your business need milling machines?

Don’t settle for ordinary machines, MILLODS best choices
& Contact us to get the products and prices that suit you!

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